Classified Website Development: Cost Analysis

Cost The classified business also is known as a consumer to consumer (C2C) business. C2C is another category of e-commerce platform which allows consumers to behave like both customer and seller. Other e-commerce categories are business to business (B2B), Business to customer (B2C) and customer to business(C2B).

A very good example of C2C business is classified ads in the newspaper.  Where people publish an ad regarding an auction. Some of the famous classified apps like Olx are eBay, Craigslist, Quikr, Letgo, OfferUp and many more.

Cost Analysis

These top classified websites and apps gave the freedom to anyone to sign up and can start buying and selling on the website. C2C business is the best way to circulate the unregulated economy of the country. Unwanted stuff in the house could be useful for someone else and also it brings money with itself. And sometimes used products are available at such a reasonable price that there is no need to spend double the amount for the new product featuring the same qualities.

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Analysis International estimates that the Chinese B2C and C2C online market will reach RMB 2,568 billion ($412 billion) with associated marketing spend of 48.87 billion RMB. Currently, Taobao generates 50,000 sales per minute as China’s biggest C2C mall. There are 242 million online shoppers spending $40,000 per second. 17% of online shoppers account for 47% of sales. There are 5million online shoppers and there are 146 million shoppers using a mobile connection.

Key Features of Classified (C2C) Business

Here is a list of key features below. Have a look.

  • Anyone can list a product or service for sale.
  • Creating a listing is absolutely free.
  • Paid options to enhance your listing.
  • Customers can see product images and other product-related details without registering themselves.
  • The customer can directly contact a seller.
  • The consumer can buy products from multiple merchants.
  • The same client can act as both buyers as well as a seller.
  • Customers can directly contact sellers and do without an intermediary.
  • There is a low transaction cost; a merchant can post their goods over the internet at a low rate far better than the higher price of renting a place in a store.
  • It is always available so that customers can have access to whenever they like to shopping.
  • The classified marketplace will allow a buyer to search products by applying different filters such as; most popular product, bestseller, from your city and many more.
  • Different sellers can bid on the products’ wishlist item listed by the different buyers. What they are looking for is so, that the buyer can get different best prices and offers from sellers.
  • The social media linking features include community or forum discussion and blog or other social media website link interface.
  • The back end interface of classified clone script includes features for admin to manage gallery setting, seller and buyer accounts, payment settings, etc.
  • Customers selling products/services to other customers profit from the higher profitability that results from selling directly to one another.

Risk Involved in Classified Website Development Cost

Online classified websites are easy. Anyone can make an account easily and can start buying and selling right away. Before diving into the world of classified business there is a huge requirement to understand the risks involved in the classified website development cost. Here are some of them. Have a look at them.

  1. Reliability of The Information

In this technological world, there is no surprise if anyone releases their identity because of the virtual network. In e-commerce activity, e-commerce releases information in traditional media. Some people induced customers’ etiquettes in fraudulent activities. That’s why customers doubt the information available on the internet and lose their trust. It results in minimizing the enthusiasm to buy a product or service online.

  1. Trading Safety

There are some problems with property security and information security in the classified business. The problem of property security includes loss caused to a classified business because of various reasons like money stolen, the property is stolen, bank account or card details misused. And the problem of information security includes the risk of leak of any important information, total loss or temper of information such as losing trade information, illegally deleting or forging trade information, stealing trade secrets etc.

  1. Credibility of Subject

There is no boundation of morals and law in the electronic traction process. Sometimes sellers charge money from customers and do not provide services and sometimes unsatisfactory services provided by vendors. There have been opposite situations where buyers got good products or services and used the seller’s honesty. This type of customers execute their plans by changing the name or execute them by remaining anonymous or quit the market.

  1. Credential Stuffing

Stolen credentials like Id and passwords used in the credential stuffing to login into other websites. These bulk credentials are acquired by a massive data breach where the data is either published or sold out. Using the different IP address, bots attempt to login in the websites. Which hacks the company’s secret information, database and payment details.  To block these bots here are some solutions

  • Block all the bots recognised as suspicious bots by default to ensure the quality traffic.
  • Set up partners with a particular user-agent to build an entrance whitelist.
  • Challenge every website visit in opposition to a vast in-memory pattern database.
  • Immediately recognise and block all the suspicious bots through artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.
  • The last result is a complete minimization of credential stuffing attack extent.

  1. Performance of Website

At this time, reliable, fast and efficient user experience is critical for any classified site like Olx clone script. The volume of bad bots has been increasing enormously which badly affects the performance of the website and it also induces the valuable human resources of a business. According to research, the brute force attack bot can reach up to 30,000 in less than 10 minutes. Apart from the account data risk, this type of malicious activity increases the maintenance cost of the website as well as slower the website performance.

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  1. Shill Bidding

Bad bots submit automated bidding in the auction. These bad bots submit the bid at the last possible time to get the lowest price. This process interrupts the process of natural bidding which results in lower revenues for auction houses. Some dishonest sellers use shill bidding bots to increase the price of an item. This process makes it difficult for a user to get a product at a reasonable price. To preserve these auction-based websites, there is a need to detect and block all the shill bidding bots so the auction process will be legitimate.

There are some other threats to classified website development. These are

  • Disclosure of secret data.
  • Passing or demolition of data.
  • Mutation of data.
  • Denial of services.
  • Inaccuracy in software.
  • Repudiation.

5 Qualities Needed for Online Student Success

Student Online learning is no longer the novelty it may have seemed to be ten or so years ago. In fact, one study found that over one in four students in higher education will take an online class in order to complete their degree.


Online learning gives students a unique path to achieve both their educational and professional goals. Not only do online classes give students essential knowledge in their fields, but the processes of learning online also fine-tune skills that create hirable, driven and effective professionals.

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5 Qualities needed for online student success

Do you have what it takes to excel in an online learning environment? Read on to learn five essential qualities of a successful online student.

1. Commitment

Having the flexibility to learn on your own schedule is great but it can be a double-edged sword. While you may be able to cut down on childcare costs and avoid class times that conflict with work obligations, classwork can sometimes slip between the cracks without a rigid personal schedule.

Being a successful online student requires commitment. Successful online students universally say they put aside a specific time every week to complete their online coursework.

“While the freedom of going to class online sounds enticing, it still very much requires structure and diligence to stay on top of the work required to get a degree,” says Riley Adams, CPA and author of the personal finance blog Young and the Invested.

Like other successful online students, Adams says he found the best way to accomplish all of his work was to set aside a predetermined amount of time like you would for attending a regular class. Some students even used egg timers to make sure they put in a constant twenty-five minutes per day on their classwork—no matter your method, staying committed to keeping on top of your work is essential.

These are the same skills you may already be using to tackle long term projects at home or at work. The same commitment you have to go to the gym or walking your dog when you get home each evening can be applied to creating a regular study schedule. If you feel ready to commit to independently putting time aside for your education, you may have what it takes to succeed in online classes.

2. Excellent planning ability

How do you maintain this commitment to your online classes with an already full schedule? Successful online students utilize planning tools like calendars and smartphone alerts to track assignments.

“I recommend students be proactive when they first receive their course schedule,” says Kristine Cameron, an online college student and author at Content Cucumber. “Go through each syllabus carefully, write down assignment due dates in a planner and remember to participate in class forum discussions regularly.”

Unlike a traditional classroom setting, there will not be a reminder on the whiteboard that your final paper is due next week. Integrating your existing calendar with a reminder of class deadlines will allow you to keep up, and even stay ahead of, your online instructor’s expectations. Time management apps and online calendars can be a great resource to an online student, but good old-fashioned calendars, sticky notes, and planners can get the job done just as well. If you already use these tools, you are prepared to take on the organizational requirements of online learning.

3. Communication skills

Many people assume online learning is an isolated activity. However, we found successful online students take the initiative to frequently engage with their professors and fellow classmates.

Sandra Mohr, dean of academic resources and administration at the New England College of Optometry, views the relationships between online classmates as a unique strength to online learning. “You may have people from across the world in your cohort to learn with and gain their ideas and perspectives.”

Without the face-to-face interaction of a traditional class, students need existing communication skills to succeed in online classes. Where you might easily raise your hand to ask a question in a classroom, an online student needs to take the initiative to contact their instructor independently. In many ways, instructors are actually more available to their online students as questions can come via email, phone or video call—students aren’t limited to emails and the time instructors have designated for “office hours.” A strong online student has the communication skills and initiative necessary to take advantage of that availability.

4. Focus

It’s easy enough to check social media or do a little online shopping while “taking notes” in a classroom, but studying online takes away even your professor’s side-eye and leaves you totally to your own devices. When classes take place in your own home, the opportunities for distractions are numerous. Both students and instructors listed focus as an essential quality in a successful online student.

We’ve all been there. You sit down to work on something specific and before you know it you’re down a Wikipedia rabbit hole or endlessly scrolling through social media updates. Former online student Essence Hayes says keeping focused can be a challenge.

“Sometimes things would pop up in my head and I’d need to Google it,” Hayes says.

If you’re the type to easily find your mind wandering, Hayes recommends looking into apps and browser add-ons that block the websites you commonly get distracted by. Additionally, consider your study space—are there things around you that might take you off course? If so, adjust! Being a focused student does not necessarily mean that you were born with an innate ability to keep a laser beam of attention on your work—it means that you utilize available tools and make a conscious effort to avoid distractions in order to stay on task.

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5. Determination

Being an online student gives you a lot of freedom, and a lot of responsibility. The most important quality to succeed is the degree to which you take yourself seriously as a student. Watching lectures from your kitchen table after putting your kids to bed does not make you any less of a dedicated student than a classmate making the commute to campus for an early morning statistics class.

You might find that studying online allows you to become even more empowered in your education.

“As an online student, I took my education more seriously than I did in the traditional classroom,” says Brian Whitfield, executive director of the Life After Project. Whitfield says he completed his MBA primarily online and found that his online courses gave him a unique opportunity as a student.

Though he did not know it at the time, Whitfield was later diagnosed with ADHD. He struggled with the structure of a classroom environment. “Even if I loved the topic, which I did 99% of the time, I just couldn’t sit still for the lectures or stay focused more than a few minutes at a time,” he says. “Online, I could take a break as often as I needed. I knew it was up to me to gain the most out of my experience.”

Future of Android Application Development

Android Application

Smart phone users increased in recent years and the much credit goes to android smartphones. India has the second-largest number of mobile users in the world. Yet 1 billion active phones are in India out of 6 billion in the globe. Smartphones are reaching to half of the total mobile users. With a large number of mobile users the better apps are required. It becomes the reason for the bright future of android application Development Company India.

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Android is an open-source, mobile operating system specially designed for tablets and smartphones. It is developed and deployed by Google. It is license-free OS hence mobile manufacturer and developers has allowed to improve and modify it. Android platform has brought the pioneer technologies in the application development. Recently Google has launched its updated version of an android named jelly bean 4.3 HTC and Samsung smartphones powered by android has ruled the Indian mobile market.

IT companies are considering android application development to cash the popularity of the android. Android is the most using mobile OS in all over the world hence more applications are available and required more.

 Best Android application Development Company has developed applications that have reached to maximum smart phone users.

Each app is developed to reach more and more users and that could be worth them.  In Google play, the android application market has millions of apps and for user’s specific need there is an app available to make easy things.  Before the android the mobile app development industry dominated by the Symbian OS. Now Android is taking a cut-throat competition with Apple’s iPhone.

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The key things that assuring the advancements of android application development are:

  • Ease of Development and Porting
  • Consistent and  Stable  development platform
  • Many sales options i.e. Google play, direct, open forge etc.

In addition to functioning as phone, contact managers, Internet access, gaming applications were one of the favorable reasons for the continuing growing smartphone market. Android is becoming the OS of choice for many gaming enthusiasts. Many application development companies are only working in games app development for that develops inventive games. Android smartphone games are based on features like motion sensors, fast graphics, and accelerometers.

Pay-Per-Click Budgets vs Bids: What’s the Difference?

Budgets One thing I’ve noticed when creating PPC campaigns for clients is that money talk can get a little murky. If they’ve not familiar with Google Ads or other similar platforms, it’s easy to get caught up trying to figure out where your money should go and why. As a result, the concepts of budgets and bids gets a little murky, too, leaving people confused about what exactly they’re signing up for.


Understanding the difference between PPC bids and budgets is essential, because if there’s any confusion, it could keep you from properly optimized campaigns.

We want your money to do as much for you as it can, we’re going to go over the PPC budgets vs. bids so you can optimize your campaigns and get the most possible out of your ad spend.

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Budgets vs Bids: What are They?

Budgets and bids both directly affect how much you’re spending and what you’re spending it on. The similarities really end there, however.

Your budget dictates how much you spend on a campaign overall. If you have a $2000 budget, that’s all that Google Ads has to spend, whether it takes two hours or the full twenty-four.
Bidding, on the other hand, sets a limit on how much you’re willing to spend on a single click on your ads, or other designated action like 1,000 views or a conversion. One specific click from one user, for example, might cost you $2.47 and you’ll get the click if (amongst other factors) your bid is for at least that much.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of each one and how they will influence the success of your ad campaigns.

Budgets: The Breakdown

Your budget tells Google how much you can spend, and the most important way it affects your ad campaigns is that once the daily budget is, your campaign is done showing up for the day, too (unless you up the budget).

You set a budget for each individual campaign, and this is an enormous advantage because you can ensure that the most ad spend is going where it’s needed. Instead of dividing your overall Google Ad budget evenly amongst all your campaigns, you might decide to have a higher budget for any of the following:

  • Campaigns that require higher bids but are most likely to convert, or those that have the most valuable keywords.
  • Ad campaigns that give you the best bang for your buck by yielding great results at a lower cost-per-click.
  • Campaigns that are promoting your “premium” goods or services, which often yield higher profit lines than your other standard offerings and are what you want to prioritize most.

It’s important to remember that the results you get from your ads will absolutely be limited by your budget.

Bids: The Breakdown

Google Ads works on an auction system, which means that all else being equal, the highest bidder takes home the prize. And in this case, that prize is a lovely ad placement being displayed in the search results of keywords you’ve targeted. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad for search ads, not just when they actually see it.

When you’re choosing your bid, you need to decide what a single clicks on a particular ad means to you. This can be complicated for several reasons, including the following:

  • You have to account for the fact that a number of users who click on your ad won’t actually convert. This is just the reality of the situation, so while you might be paying $1 a click, if only 1/3 converts, you’re paying $3 for a new customer or lead instead.
  • You aren’t just looking at the immediate value of a conversion; you have to factor in the potential lifetime customer value, too. Look at a subscription clothing company; maybe that first sale with the intro discount only earns them $20, but the average customer keeps the every-other-month subscription for two years, resulting in a total of 12 purchases that yield $45 a piece. That’s a huge difference, and those leads just became infinitely more worth it.
  • You want to outbid your competitors on high-value, high-intent searches so you can get that customer instead of them.
  • You have to determine what you’re bidding on—optimizing for conversions may cost more than impressions, depending on your campaign.
  • You need to determine what you can afford to spend. If all these factors combined mean that a single click is worth $3, you shouldn’t be bidding $4 just because your competition is. There’s no point in spending money that doesn’t benefit you.

Bidding is an important part of landing the placements you want, and therefore getting in front of the clients you’re trying to reach. Don’t overlook this.

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I’ve got some good news though: just because you set a bid amount doesn’t mean automatically pay the full amount unless you absolutely have to—you only have to pay one penny higher than your competitors. This means that if you bid $3 but the next highest bid is only $1.49, you’re only paying $1.50. You should be ready to spend the full bid amount for planning purposes and to ensure you aren’t incurring a loss of profit, but this can still work in your favor.

More good news: if your ad quality score is high, you’ll likely see a lower CPC on your ads even if the bid is high.

All Visas to India Suspended Till April 15-Coronavirus

The government has suspended all visas to India as the cases of coronavirus in the country sharply spiked and the World Health Organisation declared it a pandemic. Altogether, 67 people in India are infected, a chunk of them are a group of tourists from Italy. The Union health ministry said all existing visas — except diplomatic, official, UN/International organizations, employment and project visas — will be suspended till April 15.


“This will come into effect from 1200 GMT on 13th March 2020 at the port of departure,” read a communique issued late Wednesday night after a meeting of a Group of Ministers headed by health minister Dr. Harshvardhan. Visa facilities had been partially suspended earlier from the COVID-19 nations, countries where the virus is on a rampage.

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Here are the Top 10 points in this big story:

  1. The World Health Organisation has declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic, meaning a disease that has spread worldwide and affected the huge number of people. In a series of tweets, the WHO said it was “deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity (of the virus), and by the alarming levels of inaction”.
  2. The government communique that announced the suspension of visas this evening, also said, “Visa-free travel facility granted to OCI cardholders is kept in abeyance till April 15th, 2020. This will come into effect from 1200 GMT on 13th March 2020 at the port of departure”.
  3. It also said all incoming travelers, including Indian nationals from COVID-19 nations – China Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain, and Germany — after February 15, shall be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days.
  4. “International traffic through land borders will be restricted to designated check posts with robust screening facilities. These will be notified separately,” the communique read.

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  1. The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in India now stands at 67, with fresh cases reported in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kerala, and Karnataka.
  2. Maharashtra has reported 10 cases of the virus – two of them in Mumbai and eight in Pune. More than 40 “First contacts” of five coronavirus patients have been placed under observation in Maharashtra.
  3. Three cases have been detected in Jaipur, two of the Italians and a third an Indian national who came back from Dubai.
  4. The coronavirus scare has forced the closure of schools and colleges in parts of the country. Delhi has shut its primary schools till March 31. Kashmir and Ladakh have shut its schools and colleges and the Indian Institute of Management has postponed its annual convocation.
  5. Health is a state subject, every state is taking its own measures. So to bring them under the Union Health Ministry and jointly deal with the coronavirus outbreak, the Centre has invoked Section 10 of the Disaster Management Act and asked all state to invoke Section 2 of the Epidemic Diseases Act.
  6. The Maharashtra government has banned ticket sales for the 2020 Indian Premier League opener between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. The match is scheduled to be held on March 29 and will be the first of the 13th season of the IPL which will continue till May 24 at various venues across the country.

The Disruptive Family: Meet The New Faces

Disruptive Family To be successful in modern marketing, marketers need to adopt best practices as well as rethink classic approaches. At Disruptive, as cheesy as it sounds, we live and breathe marketing, so we know what it takes to truly make a difference for businesses in an ever-competitive market.

Disruptive Family

We’re enthusiastic and take pride in doing the best work that provides results-based relationships with each of our clients.

The only way to produce top-performing campaigns consistently is with great people who truly enjoy their job and have a passion for their trade, so we make sure we only hire the best Utah has to offer.

So, to showcase our team, we wanted to introduce you to a few new faces that are new to the Disruptive family.

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The Disruptive Family: Meet the New Faces

Let’s meet some of Disruptive’s newest marketing experts, starting with Executive Assistant, Ansley Wilkins!

Ansley Wilkins

Ansley is a detail-oriented, outgoing, and enthusiastic employee here at Disruptive. She is the Executive Assistant to our CRO, Daryl Klingaman, where she makes his life easier and helps the office excel in everyone’s respective job roles!

Before coming to Disruptive, she worked at an Insurance Agency for 3 years where she gained a lot of experiences that prepared her for this current position. As she was looking for a change in jobs, she found Disruptive Advertising. She heard really good things about the company and after meeting Daryl, she was excited about working with him!

Ansley is happiest when she is out under the sun and in the water, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy or going on dates with her husband.

Donna Worley

Donna is passionate about all things lead-gen and bringing in the highest qualified leads for clients. She currently works as one of our stellar Marketing Consultants where she kills it for clients and uses her talents of driving traffic!

Donna was drawn to Disruptive because of the growth opportunities that she saw for employees professionally, personally and financially. Whether it was through the personal development courses the CEO gave to employees to the perks employees get like use of company vacation homes, she was in! She knew she wanted to be part of an agency that would help her grow from her weaknesses while also recognizing and playing to her strengths.

When she isn’t running PPC campaigns, you can find her at Taco Bell, playing racquetball, or training for a half marathon.

Nick Twigg

Nick is one of our Marketing Strategists who loves listening to and being a part of business success stories. To him, there is nothing better than a great marketing strategy and he was excited to get started at Disruptive Advertising.

He came to join the Disruptive Team after seeing the many reviews on Glassdoor where employees mentioned the personal and professional growth opportunities as well as the core values. To him, that was the game-changer that made him hit “apply.”

When he is not talking with clients, he loves spending time with his beautiful wife and two kids. He enjoys the great outdoors and you can typically see him hiking a mountain, on the pickleball court, or playing spikeball or soccer. He also enjoys keeping his ginger beard in tip-top shape.

Caitlin Tomly

Caitlin is another one of our top notch Marketing Consultants for Paid Social Lead Generation.

Formally trained as an Anthropologist, she quickly caught the marketing bug after running some of the marketing for non-profit organizations she worked with in the past. She loved that she could leverage her knowledge of people in tangible ways through marketing. Through her background, she has found that she uses personal behaviors and human conditions as a way to make her targeting and strategies effective!

When she is not driving results, she is with her husband, dog, and two cats in Provo. She is an avid gardener and baker, loves hiking, long-boarding, Bethesda video games, and the Oxford comma…

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Disruptive Advertising: Meeting the Team

There is a reason why many people use our internal hashtag #BestDamnJobIEverHad. It is not because this is the easiest job they’ve ever had. It’s because their job is fulfilling and helps them create a life that is not only happy but has a purpose.

If you are interested in working at Disruptive, please fill out this form here. We would love to have you a part of the incredible and rapidly evolving company that is centered on the people who make it successful in the first place.

Why Salesforce Developers are More in Demand?


These days, we are seeing that all the businesses and enterprises have shifted their focus on providing ultimate satisfaction to the customers and thereby winning their trust and creating goodwill in the market. With the help of the application of customer relationship management (CRM) in the business, they have succeeded in achieving the goal of achieving maximum customer satisfaction. In recent times, there is an increasing trend of the use of Cloud Computing Technologies in businesses. One such technology which is grabbing a lot of attention in the world of computing is, Salesforce.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce provides a cloud-based platform for customer relationship management (CRM) that connects the companies with the customers more efficiently. This unified CRM platform makes the interaction of various departments of the business like-marketing, sales, and finance with the customers integrated and supercharged. Salesforce consulting services have helped in combining all the departments and technologies in the business with a single CRM platform, helping all the employees of any department to interact with their customers just like one company, not as a group of different and separate departments.

Salesforce has definitely transformed the way software for enterprise is delivered and put to use. It provides software that is cloud-based which doesn’t require some IT experts for its set up or installation. It has established an ideal system as to how to connect with customers.

Why Salesforce is Beneficial from the Customer Perspective?


  1. It helps the business to develop a significant and everlasting relationship with the customers. Thus, building the trust of customers.
  2. It helps in recognizing the needs of the customers and addressing customer problems faster and more effectively.
  3. It focuses on developing apps and system that are customer-focused.
  4. It helps in handling customer complaints and grievances for effectively and speedily.

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Why an Organization Should Adopt Salesforce?

  1. Simple to Use

Salesforce offers the business a complete watch on the customers’ details, which helps in making more reliable business decisions.

  1. The Functionality Depth of Salesforce

The Salesforce platform offers a wide range of features and functions that meet most organizational needs.

  1. Degree of Customization

Functions of the Salesforce are very flexible that can be customized as per the requirement of the business.

  1. Degree of Scalability

Salesforce is extremely scalable, which is capable of changing itself to adapt and modify with all future requirements.

  1. Scope of Reporting

Sales Reps are able to generate their own reports which help in checking activities like which accounts are left unfinished, ideas left in the pipeline, unsold products, processes completed, and tasks performed.

Benefits of Salesforce

Salesforce is just not a cost-cutting, CRM platform for the business, but it has contributed to replacing the long process of the software installation and transferring everything to the internet. It has transformed the business model completely. It has helped a lot of businesses in turning their process into an advanced informational system. It doesn’t require the business to procure some license or sign to some long term contracts.


  1. Helps in Creating an Improved Informational Organization.

Salesforce helps in storing enormous data of its customers and other significant information about them, using the cloud. It helps in identifying, recording, and documenting every interaction made with the customers.

  1. It Allows Managing Time Efficiently

With extensive client data at your disposal and a wealth of planning resources, you get benefitted from excellent time management.

You have all the data you need to prioritize the job as per the wish of your client. It also features built-in calendar tools that help you to better manage your schedule.

  1. Better Collaboration With the Team

It offers an exclusive “Chatter” feature that allows the user to efficiently interact and communicate with the other team members. As a result, it makes it easier for the whole team to prioritize and list their tasks in accordance with the deadline of a project.

  1. Accessibility

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM forum which makes it easily accessible from any corner of the world. It provided you with an app that allows the users to stay connected with the business and your team all the hours of the day.

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  1. It Helps in Formulating Business Strategies

Salesforce allows the users to track several events happening internally or externally, which is crucial to business operations. This ultimately helps in developing improved business policies.

Salesforce has become an increasingly important technology in business. The success of Salesforce cannot be possible in the absence of Salesforce Developers. Salesforce Developers are the most important components of the app development and coding which is one of the booming aspects of technology. These developers possess a wide range of skills and responsibilities, including developing, designing, formulating, and modifying computer applications. Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM platform which as a result increases the demand of the Salesforce Developers.

Top 8 Mobile News Websites of List

News Websites

Mobile News If you have internet access and a smartphone, tablet, or PDA, you can keep up with the news while you’re on the go. Some news outlets have separate site layouts for mobile users, but the content is the same. Here’s a rundown of the top mobile news websites.


Best Investigative Reporting: ABC News

The top stories on ABC News are usually focused on the U.S., but if you scroll down the main page, you’ll find news from all around the world. There are clips from ABC’s investigative shows like 20/20 as well as live video feeds of important congressional proceedings and breaking news.

Best 24-Hour Network: CNN

CNN’s homepage has hundreds of new articles every day covering current events in the U.S. and beyond. The news is well categorized, and the layout is decent despite being littered with ads. If you have a cable package, you can watch the 24-hour news channel live from anywhere.

Best Regional News: Los Angeles Times

In addition to popular news categories such as Business, National, and World news, you can catch up on your horoscope, search for cars that are for sale, and even job hunt. It may not be worth it if you live outside of California, but if you already have a subscription to the print edition of The LA Times, then you should really take advantage of the website.

Best Crossword Puzzles: The New York Times

Subscribers have full access to the New York Times’ content from its website. There’s also plenty of things you won’t find in the print edition, like videos and podcasts. If you’ve registered at, you can also set up My Alerts to track news stories by topic or keyword.

Best Financial News: The Wall Street Journal

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Dr Liz Gordon: Vaping, Addiction and Innovation

I am not opposed to vaping.  Someone very close to me had much difficulty in giving up smoking, and a move to vaping has made a big difference to her.  She vapes on small devices, easily concealed within the hand, and with very little steam emerging. There is no smell. She purchases her vape stuff (the liquid, does it have a name?) from reputable dealers.  She is the quiet and unobtrusive side of vaping if you like.

The other side is the macho side, with large, usually black, implements that puff out huge amounts of steam to make their presence known.   They remind me of the pipes that my parents’ generation used to smoke. In addition to these two extremes, there is a large range of vapers (is that their name?) ranging from pretty silvery, pinky things designed to attract young girls to a range of gorgeous, smart things that look like expensive fountain pens.


This wide range and the shops that sell them are intended to sell the message that vaping is acceptable and glamorous for all. While the glamour of smoking has long gone, with cigarette packets now covered in garish pictures of rotten teeth and clogged arteries, there are no such restrictions on vaping.  The equivalent would be everyone having to buy a bog standard machine in yellowish beige, perhaps with a health warning up the side.

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We are far from such restrictions.  The free market has got its blooded claws very much into vaping, in order to provide a new mechanism to assuage the human affinity for addictive substances that make one feel good.  At the moment, the focus is on vaping as a delivery mechanism for nicotine. This is of concern in itself. Unlike cigarettes, whose nicotine content is standardized simply by the nature of the tobacco, the vaping liquid can deliver nicotine at almost any strength, and this area is totally unregulated.  There is the possibility that a new generation of super-addicts can be bred.

That is not the only concern about the liquids.  We know about the flavored ones aimed at children and young people, and I can see that we are heading for a law change for those.  But what about the propensity of vapers to deliver heroin, ecstasy, MDMA, P, even cannabinoids straight into the pockets of users, then into the lungs, with huge difficulties for authorities in tracing, tracking and stamping out such practices.

Vaping is a potential delivery mechanism for a wide range of things, and while the worry is about the proliferation of addictive substances, it is also being used for good.  In particular, in some areas of medicine vaping is beginning to supersede tablets or injections. Because the vapor bypasses the digestive system, it absorbs quickly into the bloodstream. For all those diabetics out there who currently inject themselves daily, the vaper is a more precise and simple tool (there is already inhalable insulin). Not available in New Zealand, though.

The future might see even the most complex medical cases treated with a precisely targeted cocktail of drugs self-delivered by a daily vape.  It might also include vitamins and minerals and a little dash of something to make one feel good (I mean caffeine, of course), relieve pain or enhance our brainpower!

However, every expansion of vaping will bring enormous profits to the drug companies, significant costs to the system or user and enormous risks as legitimate expansion is mirrored by illegal drugs produced in vaping form.  It is a really dangerous territory, which the government’s planned law changes barely addresses.

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In short, there is a need to address vaping as a smoking alternative (which the bill largely does), as a potential mechanism for delivery of addictive substances (which is partially covered in a product recall section) and as a potential future for health management for the whole population (which is not addressed at all).

While a start, the bill introduced today is about risks around smoking.  In the future, there will need to be legislation around the risks and possibilities around vaping.

Promote your Business on the Facebook Page

The goal of the Facebook page is to build an online presence and spread awareness about your business on the web.   But many local businesses start and use the Facebook page with the goals to get customers to their business and business website. That’s ok. They post links, videos and invite friends and that’s it but it’s not enough and that’s why many failed to make their Facebook business page to market the business online.

Facebook Page

That’s why in this in this post, I am explaining the ways/tips/techniques that are so much helpful for local business to build an online presence, connect with new and existing customers, get new customers and let the Facebook business page market your business online.

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1. Be creative but don’t forget to be professional:

There are millions of users worldwide connected with local and international brands on the Facebook Page. But that way it becomes difficult for local businesses to compete with big online brands. That’s why you have to be creative.

It’s a very good idea that you design and create a Facebook business page for your local business creatively. But in this case, many forget to make it meaningful and reasonable for people to like and share.

Many use tricks to generate more likes and shares on the Facebook business page. But that is not worthy followers and likes.

You often see someone page has 300000+ likes, but in the posts, only 20-30 people liking the posts. Why? It’s because they are generated by using fake methods. And you don’t’ need to do that.

  • Make your cover page attractive, use the meaningful and straightforward description of your business.
  • Add your business logo in the profile picture and then add the call to action.
  • Call to action can be your business phone number so that people can connect with you and it can be website link etc.
  • Also, create URL for your page such as Facebook/your and copy this link in sticky notes or save it on your mobile phone. Later in this post, I will explain how to use it effectively.
  • Don’t post/share your personal photos and friends’ posts on the Facebook business page.
  • Be according to your business goal. For example, if your page is related to education, then it’s not professional if you use Hollywood film hero in the profile picture or cover page, instead, you can use educational leaders’ photos.

Important to read:

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2. Communicate and empower your customers:

When someone visits your store, shop, company, and office and make purchase or order something then it’s the most important time to connect with them on Facebook for future purchases and long-term relationship.
Now use this moment to build your online presence. Share the link of your Facebook business page with them using WhatsApp or any other method.

Make sure that they will visit the link, like the page and its notifications in front of you. Tell them that this is for future updates regarding our products and services.
Now make this a process in your company and shop so that each time customers buy, order and come for the inquiry they will like your Facebook business page.

Try this method for the next 30 days and I am sure that you will have more than 5000+ likes in the first month of starting your Facebook business page for your local business.

3. Post interesting and attractive content:

Your goal is to inspire, entertain them on the Facebook business page with the post connected around your brand, product, services, and business. It’s about helping them and understanding their real-life problems and goals.

  • Make them feel vow and amazing and let them smile. Take selfies with them whenever customers buy anything from you. And post those on your Facebook business page and share the experience. (Not all will agree, but you don’t need all, you need just one person and it can be 1 out of 50 in any day. Make this a selling process. Don’t’ hesitate to grow your business. It looks odd, but do it.
  • Update them when it’s necessary. Update them when you have a new product range. But don’t push and don’t force them to buy and click on your links. Instead, just share with them and they will decide what to do. You can update any offer that you are providing in certain occasions.
  • Listen and reply to their comment.
    Chat with them personally regarding your products.