Why you can’t trust Trump when it comes to the dollar

What do you do if you want a currency to move 100 pips in 24 hours in mid-August? The answer is simple; wait for a President to talk down his currency and criticize his central bank.


No, this is not Turkey, this is the US, where President Trump pulled a ‘President Erdogan’ and told Reuters on Monday evening that he was not happy with the Fed’s interest rate hikes, that he would prefer a low dollar environment and he accused China and the EU of being currency manipulators. This sent the dollar index, the dollar vs. its major trading partners, tumbling, and it has continued to fall on Tuesday, it is now the second worst performing currency in the G10 apart from the yen.

Why so trusting of trump?

It is interesting that the FX market has reacted so strongly to Trump’s dollar comments. A mere 5 days ago the same President said that ‘money is pouring into our cherished DOLLAR like rarely before’, usually when money pours into a currency that currency tends to appreciate.

Also, back in January he said that ultimately he wanted a strong dollar. If you base your FX trading strategy on President Trump’s musings on the dollar, you may as well be a Trump contrarian as the chances are he will reverse his view in a few days.

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Why the market is failing to punish Trump

Usually, when a President criticises their country’s central bank the markets seek revenge, look at the Turkish Lira, down more than 60% vs. the dollar so far this year. The Borsa Istanbul 100 index is down some 25% since the start of the year. However, if you are the US President and you cut taxes and the economy grows then it appears you are immune from market retribution, the S&P 500 is 15 points away from the record high reached in January.

As we mentioned on Monday, the recent rise in the S&P 500 has been broad-based, and led by a mixture of sectors, which suggests a healthy rally. Even some of the most beleaguered FAANGS, like Netflix, have started to pick up, and Tesla managed to end the day higher on Monday, as the buoyant market mood managed to seep into the embattled electric carmaker.

Why the bond market is always King

Perhaps the key to this rally is not President Trump and his dollar comments, but instead it is down to the bond market. The US yield curve (the 10-year yield – the 2-year yield), had been inverting since February, which is a sign of higher interest rates now and potential lower interest rates, and recession, down the line.

This has stabilised in recent days, suggesting that the market may be re-considering how high rates will rise in this current cycle, which could reduce the risk of recession down the line. If the yield curve was to steepen in the coming weeks then this may be good news for US stocks, as it would suggest that rates won’t move that much higher, however, it could weigh on the dollar.

Whether or not the US yield curve continues to remain inverted or if it starts to steepen, could be determined by this weekend’s Jackson Hole central bankers’ symposium, and particular attention should be paid to Fed chair Jerome Powell’s speech and any hints he gives about the Fed’s path for interest rates.

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Could the UK be in line for a US-style tax cut?

Elsewhere, the pound received a boost after the UK recorded the biggest Government surplus for 18 years, with borrowing down as well as tax take up. Total tax take is up some 4.5%, which suggests that the improvement to the UK’s public finances could be down to permanent rather than temporary factors.

It may also be a sign that the Chancellor has room to cut taxes ‘US-style’ in his Autumn budget, in time to give the UK economy a boost ahead of Brexit. GBP/USD bounced back above 1.28 on the news; however, it has stalled this afternoon just below 1.2850, making this a key level of resistance as we move towards Jackson Hole.

Top Penny Stocks to Watch for April 2020

The global economy is radically shifting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Entire countries are on lockdown or shelter-in-place orders. Very few people are leaving their homes. So for April 2020, I’m focusing on stocks positioned to prosper in these times of societal isolation.


The first three months of the year I was laser-focused on biotech stocks. The last few months a large portion of my watchlist was dedicated to coronavirus biotech plays.

The COVID-19 pandemic is dramatically changing the world and economy. If you think everything will just go back to normal when this is over, you’re sadly mistaken. Corporate jobs, higher education, entertainment, and restaurants will never be the same. We’re in the middle of a huge economic shift that will last for decades.

How to Use This Penny Stocks to Watch List

Keep in mind that my strategies involve trading some of the fastest moving, most volatile stocks in the entire market. That said, some of the stocks on this list could be completely out of play by the time you read this. (Yes, even after only one day, stocks sometimes leave my list.)

The point is … don’t use this list as a signal to buy any stock. I don’t put stocks on my watchlist based on fundamentals. It’s not that I don’t look at fundamentals. But I’m not gonna lie to you. (Like so many other ‘top penny stocks to watch’ articles.) I won’t tell you to buy and hold a stock because “the market is undervaluing this stock.”

Frankly, that kind of thinking with penny stocks is … total BS. Most penny stocks fail. Just like most traders — roughly 90% — lose. So use this list — and each of my monthly penny stocks to watch lists — as a tool for learning to create your own watchlist.

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Top 5 Penny Stocks to Watch April 2020

Tip #1: Look for Big Percent Gainers

My method of choosing which penny stocks to watch always starts here. At the end of every day — and again in premarket — I look for the biggest percent gainers. And that’s what I focus on. I’m not interested in stocks that aren’t on the move.

I use StocksToTrade stock scanning software. With 40+ built-in scans — some created specifically for my strategies — it’s amazing right out of the gate. Yes, you can also create custom scans. (Hint: when you start using the software, there are a bunch of training videos on how to set those up. Take advantage.)

Tip #2: Look for Big Volume

The next thing to look for when choosing the best penny stocks to watch is trading volume. Sometimes stocks gain momentum and spike big even without news. Especially when there’s enough volume.

After I find the big percent gainers, I organize them according to trading volume. Be aware of dollar volume traded, too. If you have a true penny stock trading at 2 cents a share, and it trades one million shares, that’s still only $20K. You have to be meticulous.

Tip #3: Look for a News Catalyst

The next thing I look for when choosing penny stocks to watch is what’s making it move? Is there a press release announcing a new contract? What about positive earnings?

In biotech and pharma penny stocks you might see news of test results. Read this post to learn more about catalysts.

(Also read chapter II.7 Understanding Catalysts in “The Complete Penny Stock Course.” If you already have the book … it starts on page 183. If you don’t have it … get it now.)

Tip #4: Look at the Long-Term Chart

When you’re trying to find the best penny stocks to watch, it’s easy to get fooled by one-day or one-time spikers. So look at long-term charts to see if the stock has a history of multi-day runs or has gone supernova in the past.

Which long-term charts? As many as you have time for, really. But at the very least, look at the one-year chart. I like to look back a couple of years depending on the stock and the news. If the stock trades a certain way when the company announces a big contract, I want to know.

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Tip #5: Use the Twitter Scanner on StocksToTrade

It might sound a little strange if you’re new to penny stocks. But if you want to understand which penny stocks to watch, one of the best ways is to see what others are watching. Or, more accurately, hyping.

Yes, Twitter has become a vehicle for influence with stock traders. Want to know which penny stocks are being heavily shorted because they’re up 50%? Check out Twitter. Use Stocks To Trade because the scanner is built-in. All you have to do is open the Twitter scanner and, voila, you get a running feed of stock tweets. And you can customize the feed if you like.

9 Tips for Working and Studying from Home

Whether you are Studying for Working from Home – Keep yourself Healthy, Happy and Productive with these 9 TIMELESS top tips.


Tip 1: Get Dressed – You’ll see plenty of tips recommending you to dress as if you are going to work. Depending on your work dress code, this actually might leave you feeling a bit out of sorts – personally, the idea of sitting suited and booted at a desk when I won’t be seeing anyone does nothing other than make me feel a bit ridiculous and uncomfortable.

The key takeaway in this tip is really about the psychology of starting the day as a workday.

Keep to starting the day as close to a normal routine as possible. So, get up, shower, get your breakfast, and get dressed – don’t stay in your pajamas all day and start the day as close as possible to your normal workday routine.

Tip 2: Create Your Space – Make sure you have a dedicated space and that you have easy access to everything that you need. That includes getting the temperature and lightning right (blinding sunlight and a virtual meeting is not a great mix). Make sure your space allows you to sit comfortably at a desk space, somewhere that’s quiet and that will allow you to concentrate. You can also learn some tips on how to look your best on a video call. There are a plethora of articles available on this.

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Tip 3: Organize Your Time – Plan and coordinate your day. Take control and set your day up so you can manage your time effectively and be productive. Check out what meetings you have the day ahead, you may have to coordinate with those within your household: for example, my spouse and I try not to have virtual meetings at the same time, so one of us can act as a parental vigilante/referee during this time.

The important factors in this top tip are motivation and productivity. So set a to-do list, make sure you address the priorities and challenge yourself to tackle a handful of those little horrible tasks that you could easily kick down the road for another day.

Tip 4: Goal Setting – Yes, this tip could be included in organizing your time. However, its importance really shouldn’t be underestimated. To keep yourself in a happy headspace, make sure that the to-do lists you create are realistic and achievable. That will make it more rewarding and keep you focused.

Tip 5: Minimize distractions – The critical word here is “minimize”,  it’s near impossible to remove or eliminate all distractions, especially as we are all online. Trying to multitask won’t be productive and will leave you feeling frustrated and agitated so when organizing your schedule do small things to make your sure your space is calm – turn off text and email notifications and schedule in times to address/respond to these. Create a signal/sign so that your family/housemates know when you CAN and CANNOT be disturbed.

Tip 6: Take Breaks – It can be tempting when working from home to power through and keep working but regular breaks will boost your productivity and focus. Furthermore, it feeds into keeping that normal routine – if you had an 11 am coffee/tea break when working from an office, do the same at home. Physical exercise and timeouts are also good for maintaining your mental health and well being so stretch your legs at lunch, try some meditation or do a workout using the many apps and videos that are available.

Tip 7: Go Digital – There is a myriad of technology apps, tools, and platforms to let you communicate with your clients, colleagues and fellow DMI members. Use video technology, where feasible, IMs, and DMs to communicate. Take full advantage – it’s good to talk for business and for mental health, so make sure you’re fully present.

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Tip 8: Stay Connected – Get creative and make excuses to get together with your colleagues. This is so important – it reminds us that we are all working together for a common goal. It provides an opportunity to share problems and celebrate wins and completed tasks. Here at DMI, while we work from home, we’ve been using our internal platforms to share pictures of our workspaces, photos of teams coming together for online meetings. We have shared pictures of uncooperative pets invading workspaces, weekly communal online tea-breaks have been set up, as have our Friday BYOB cross-departmental signoff session. Just a handful of ways in which you can come together.

Tip 9: The Finale, Look After Yourself – Saving the most important tip for last! A happy rested you is the key ingredient. Get those eight hours of sleep. Make sure there is a degree of separation between work life and home life – when your working day is done, close over the door to your workspace. Be mindful of the information you consume about current events or any other news.

Advanced Reporting Tool, an Intelligent Control Platform

Platform A platform that can detect a company’s internal threats? Many organizations and companies could have avoided major scandals if they acted in time: there’s the case of Snowden and the stolen NSA files, Bradley Manning and the US diplomatic cables, and Hervé Falciani and top-secret information from the HSBC private bank.


These are all clear examples that, with cybersecurity, you can’t just cross your fingers and think “this won’t happen to me”. Any business could be threatened by an insider.

That’s why Panda Security has introduced the latest version of its Advanced Reporting Tool. This efficient and easy-to-use tool satisfies business needs; it is capable of maximizing Big Data performance to control the corporate resources.

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Threats in the Workplace

PandaLabs detects 200,000 samples of new malware daily. It is imperative for businesses to control all security issues, especially those that stem from the misuse and abuse of corporate resources, leading to attacks, threats, vulnerabilities, or data leaks.

While Adaptive Defense collects all information on processes running on the endpoint, the Advanced Reporting Tool automatically stores and correlates this information. The platform automatically generates security intelligence that allow users to identify strange behaviors or problems.

The Advanced Reporting Tool enables the IT administrator to:

  • Focus on relevant information, increasing efficiency in the IT department by finding security risks or misappropriation in the corporate infrastructure.
  • Pinpoint problems by extracting behavior patterns from resources and users, identifying its impact on the business.
  • Alert in real-time about all events that could be a potential data breach.

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What does the latest version offer?

In addition to the existing Big Data Cloud Service and its real-time alerts, the latest version includes predefined and adaptable analysis with three different action areas:

  • Information about IT security incidents: generates security intelligence then processes and associates those events as intrusion attempts.
  • Controls network applications and resources: detects user patterns of IT resources.
  • Controls access to business data:Shows information about the traffic generated on the network, what countries the company is connecting to and from, and information about users accessing data files via any applications that are not the usual ones.

Feedback from SIEM system

For organizations already using a SIEM, the Advanced Reporting Tool compliments it providing a SIEMFeeder which feeds your SIEM relevant data and associates it with the information you already have.  The SIEMFeeder gathers information from all endpoints that are protected by Adaptive Defense.

The feedback provided by the SIEMFeeder enables you to detect insiders before they become the biggest threat to your business.  The SIEMFeeder creates behavioral logics and locates all anomalies existing in your technological system.

COVID19 Latest News:5,274 cases,149 deaths in India

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Cases in India Live Updates: The 21-day national lockdown is unlikely to be lifted on April 14, PM Modi hinted in a meeting with leaders of all parties.


The number of cases of the novel coronavirus across the globe crossed the 1.4 million mark as the global death toll topped 80,000. India has entered the third week of its 21-day lockdown. The total number of coronavirus cases in the country rose to 5,274 on Wednesday, registering an increase of 485 cases in the last 24 hours, while the death toll stood at 149, the Union Health Ministry said. Stay with TOI for live updates.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Cases in India Live Updates: Total coronavirus cases in India have crossed the 5000-mark, including the death toll of 149. According to the latest data provided by the Union Health Ministry, there are 5,274 confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases in India. So far, 410 coronavirus patients have been cured or discharged. Unfortunately, 149 people have died due to deadly COVID-19 which has infected over a million people around the world.

The Supreme Court directed Centre that COVID-19 tests in approved government labs or private laboratories should be conducted free of cost and the government should immediately issue directions in this regard.

Maharashtra became the first state in India to record over 1000 coronavirus positive cases. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a meeting with leaders of all parties on Wednesday, hinted that the 21-day national lockdown is likely to be extended after April 14. However, a final decision in this regard will be taken later.

Apart from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi are two of the most affected states in the country. In Uttar Pradesh, parts of 15 districts have been identified as ‘hotspots’. These ‘hotspots’ have reported heavy load of infection and would be sealed completely till April 15, the state administration said. Essential commodities will be made available via home delivery.

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We are appealing our readers to follow coronavirus guidelines, don’t venture out unless it’s necessary and read real-time updates from Financial Express Online Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE blog.

10 Best Freelance Websites to Search Jobs

Freelancing jobs have many perks, including flexible working hours and remote work. Using a freelance website is great for those looking for additional ways to earn extra money, for those simply enjoying the freedom of self-employment, and for those looking for more professional growth.


Whether you’re working on the internet or remotely, in almost every field there are ways for anyone to seek freelance work. Whether you’re working on the internet or remotely, with the aid of the freelancer job app solution, there are more opportunities for freelancers in almost every industry.

Looking for a job? Or you’re hunting for a new career that freelancing firms are offering. There are a number of companies that provide work through freelance websites, as we are looking in a techie world. As a freelancer, the primary part is getting good-paying jobs. There are different sites where you can choose for yourself the best job.

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List of 5 amazing freelance websites to search for the perfect job

Freelancers have become increasingly popular in recent years, resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of websites. Here is the list of amazing websites to search for the perfect freelance job in 2020.

1. SimplyHired: SimplyHired is one of the leading freelance job search platforms, where jobs can be found for almost every profession, from salespeople to construction workers. This particular website has a blog on hiring tips, location-based search and company’s directory. It is the best freelance job searching websites similar to freelance websites.

  • Launched in 2003
  • Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, United States
  • Founders: Gautam Godhwani, Peter Weck
  • Parent organization: Indeed, Inc.

2. Upwork: Upwork is one of the largest freelancing websites in the world. Upwork makes it easier for the best companies and independent experts in the world to find each other without the conventional time and place barriers. Upwork helps clients to discover, recruit, work and pay freelancers efficiently, smoothly and cost-effectively. Upwork is used by businesses of all sizes, from one-person enterprises to leading companies.

    • Founded in:  May 5 2015
    • Headquarter In: Califonia U.S
    • Area Served: Worldwide
  • Created by: 
  • Beerud Sheth
  • Srini Anumolu
  • Sanjay Noronha
  • Key People
  • Stephane Kasriel
  • Thomas Layton
  • Websiteupwork.com

3. Toptal: Toptal is an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on-demand. Toptal is the largest fully-distributed workforce in the world. Once you get through Toptal’s screening process for the job, you will get hired for the most meaningful projects with the great clients (like JPMorgan, Airbnb, etc). You will get the opportunity to be involved in the total community for techie events.

Founded in: 2010


  • Taso Du Val
  • Breanden Beneschott

Headquarter: Silicon Valley, Califonia

Website: www.toptal.com

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4. Freelancer: Freelancer is an Australian online crowdsourcing website that allows potential employers to post work that can be bid to be done by freelancers. Freelancer is the website which gives you the opportunity for competing with other freelancers. If you have the potential and the competency, Freelancer is the perfect platform for proving your capabilities and that will attract more clients.

Founded In: 2009

Headquarter: Sydney Australia

Country Origin: Australia

Founder: Matt Barrie

Website : www.freelancer.in/

5. 99designs: 99designs in the right platform for searching for jobs in 2020 by the people who are freelance designers. 99Designs gives you the opportunity for competing in numerous contests for designing and get feedback for their work because the clients opt for the best ones. Talented and creative designers have a great opportunity through this platform.

Founded: 2008

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia


  • Matt Mickiewic
  • Mark Harbottle

Websites: 99designs.com


Govt Launched Aarogya Setu App In India for COVID-19

Aarogya There has been a long history of the world facing and coping up with epidemics in every century. An epidemic not only causes damage to humans and livestock, but all the aspects surrounding it also get affected.


Corona or COVID-19, a virus originating from China, is a communicable virus. Communicable viruses have the ability to infect living beings coming in contact with the virus either directly or indirectly.

Sadly, the virus corona has caused havoc in the entire world and enters India too. This virus has started taking the lives of many and affecting the world economy.

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The Indian Government is coming up with an app that gives accurate and reliable information about the corona to the people. The Government of India has officially launched the new app Aarogya Setu. Both Android and iOS users will be able to use it.

It has been prepared by the National Informatics Center under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Through this app, not only accurate and correct information will be conveyed to the user about Coronavirus or Kovid-19, but they will also be prevented from coming in contact with any Corona infected person.

Aarogya Setu in Sanskrit means Health Bridge. The app also has a chatbot in which users give correct answers to questions related to the corona epidemic. Through this, not only will the user be able to identify the symptoms of corona inside, but the app also detects whether the user has come in contact with a corona infected person unknowingly.

When the app reaches the home screen, it will tell the user through the location, whether it is in a safe place or not. Android users will also be able to see live tweets made by the Ministry of Health. However, both Android and Apple versions will get almost similar features, including Corona-related advisories.

According to a report last week, NITI Aayog is also working on the Corona Tracker app, named COVIN-20. Apart from this, many state governments have launched Corona Tracking App so that people can be vigilant and this virus can be dealt with as soon as possible.

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Things also need to be considered

  • Aarogya Setu is available in 11 languages, English and Hindi included. “The software is highly scalable, and is ready to roll out from Day 1 to Pan-India,” the Government said.
  • The Government says that the data processed is “secure” and will not be exchanged with third parties.
  • The app does not require you to reveal your name and number to the general public at any time,”NIC said.

The Impact of Coronavirus in the Crypto Markets

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a household name worldwide. It is a kind of disease which is caused when a person gets infected by this novel virus. This disease leads to heart-wrenching respiratory problems such as fever, coughing and also problems in breathing. There are various precaution measures to keep in mind for the same. You need to wash hands often and practice social distancing. Moreover, Covid-19 is also impacting the functioning of the technology companies worldwide.


It is since December 2019, this disease has devastated the lives of many people. The coronavirus outbreak is eventually increasing the fret of stock markets and upsurging fuel panic too. There is also an uprising trend in crude oil cost. By far, the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide have crossed a lakh’s mark. This in turn has made people panic. Therefore, countries around the world are fighting with this outbreak by lockdown. Even the cryptocurrency development services providing companies are facing the repercussions of this pandemic.

This price decrease has led to negative results in the crypto market. Trading exchange industries are affected the most and that’s why entire technology has a threat of this Covid-19 outbreak.

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There is a huge impact of coronavirus on Crypto markets: 

It is seen that many exchange sectors are impacted by this sudden outbreak. There is an increase in numerous problems like downtime, server issues, etc which hampers smooth functioning of trade exchanges. Furthermore, few exchanges are also getting unstable due to lags in application.

Crypto markets will again rise in near future:

Well, due to coronavirus, cryptocurrency development company faces issues in advancement of business but it is sure to increase the business in near future when different sector industries start rising again around the globe. Governments of different countries are taking important measures to cope up with this pandemic in different ways and revising the fiscal policies which will take cryptocurrency to the next level.

Different ways Covid-19 affecting economy of the world: 

The biggest impact is faced by the GDP of any country. But, fighting with coronavirus is the need of the hour looking at the number of cases being increased in 3 months. Though researchers believed that global GDP was expected to rise this year to a lot of extent. But the sudden outbreak will not be able to make it possible and the world will see a drastic decrease in Gross Domestic Product in the year 2020.

Manufacturing industries are affected a lot: 

Due to lockdown, industries are not functioning which has led to reduction in the country’s economy as a whole. Furthermore, the countries with trading tie-ups with China, will face another big impact on their businesses. Even investors are afraid to invest in this kind of crisis. Most of the traders have also planned liquidation of assets on major platforms, namely Ripple, Bitcoin, etc. Initial Coin Offering Software development companies are seeing the consequences of the same.

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Coronavirus has impacted future of Bitcoin: 

Bitcoin industrial sector has led to use of fresh mining equipment each time. Mining farms are required to make use of new equipment because there are wide changes that take place in algorithms. Moreover, if miners belong to China, then it is said that extension of quarantine time will also further reduce the economy of China. This pandemic will also restrict the manufacturing of any new machines and equipment. In this way, Bitcoin halving will decrease the IT sector functioning.

Experts believed that post coronavirus outbreak, finances will go to Bitcoin because it is secured digital currency. But, this technology trend decreased because the economy worldwide is watching a reducing trend.

Functioning of Bitcoin solely depends on demand and not on GDP or economy condition. This is the reason why Bitcoin cost is showing rapid changes in this situation of crisis. It is true that Covid-19 is slowing down the cryptocurrency development services in the entire IT sector but it is sure to again increase in future.

Currently, there has been a long quarantine time but if it continues further then the Bitcoin sector will see devastating results. Moreover, in today’s date, Bitcoin has only touched the industrial sector around the globe. It is yet to spread its wings because crypto is not available for public use such as exchanging Bitcoin for important things like clothes or food. This is the reason why the crypto market is seeing a declining trend due to Covid-19.

Bitcoin is a kind of digital gold and this has seen a huge repercussion as soon as the coronavirus outbreak was in its beginning phase. So, crypto markets are currently in the negative impact. Stock markets of various countries are seeing a record low due to the virus outbreak. Industrial sectors worldwide have begun to perform low and that’s why crypto markets are declining. Due to the economy going down, the cryptocurrency technology sector is affected badly.

4 Critical Components to a Successful Relationship

Relationship Now, you might think that the agency is getting paid along the way, so their risk is lower, but in most cases, it takes an agency months to break even on a new client. They need happy clients who stick around. Between marketing, sales and onboarding, short-term partnerships are just as bad for the agency as they are for the client.


So, if both you and your agency are in it for the long haul, what can you do to make sure that the relationship works? After working at Disruptive Advertising for years, I’ve found that things tend to turn out best when both client and agency are focused on four critical things: communication, strategic planning, urgency and transparency.

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1. Communication

Good communication is the secret to any relationship. Your relationship with your agency is no exception.

With your agency, the first step to successful communication is setting the right expectations. Here are a few things to clarify in advance:

  • How frequently are you going to communicate?
  • What will the nature of those communications be?
  • What happens if there’s an urgent issue that needs to be addressed?
  • What form of communication is preferred?
  • How long will it take to respond to an email, a text message, a phone call?

Your agency partner is just as busy as you are. You aren’t the only business that they are working with, so they have to balance the needs of all of their clients. That means they won’t always be available to answer your questions or call at a moment’s notice.

Now, should your agency be reasonable about responding to questions or concerns? Absolutely. In fact, if they don’t have a clear process in place for handling emergency situations, that’s a red flag.

However, it’s also important to recognize that not every concern needs to be addressed immediately. If you’re constantly on the phone with your agency, something is wrong—and that something may not be your agency’s fault.

So, as you go through the onboarding process, make sure you know the answers to the questions above. If you understand what to expect from your agency in terms of communication, you can plan accordingly and save everyone a lot of frustration.

2. Strategic Planning

All good marketing starts with planning and research. While you might be anxious for results, if you charge off in the wrong direction, all you’ll do is waste money. You don’t need an agency to help you do that.

A good agency partner will spend much of your first weeks and months together seeking to understand your business, your customer, and you. Throughout these discovery meetings, you’ll begin to outline the strategic roadmap for the next several months. This roadmap will lead to success or failure based on the foundation you’ve built and the degree to which you allow your agency to truly be the experts.

Additionally, as you put together your strategy and move forward, avoid the urge to control things. An easy way to limit your success is to turn your account manager into a simple task taker. You want a partner, not a servant.

Instead, focus on empowerment and creating a trust level that encourages independence. Your partnership will flourish under the right conditions!

Remember, your results will only be as good as your plan. You came to an agency for a reason—keep that reason in the forefront of your mind as you begin working together.

3. Urgency

As a business owner or marketing director, you feel a ton of urgency. The success and failure of your business rests largely on your shoulders, so it’s easy to feel anxious for news or progress.

Unfortunately, many people confuse “urgency” with “being busy”. Rather than asking, “what’s the best way to achieve our goals?”, they overload their agency with tasks and directives.

From one perspective, this makes sense. You’re paying the agency, so you expect them to work. However, working just to create a sense of movement can often lead to wasted effort. You want your agency to feel a sense of urgency, but you don’t want that urgency to translate into “busy work” that isn’t actually helping your business.

Instead, focus your strategy meetings on realistically evaluating all of the options on the table, and then ask the question: “which of these activities will drive the result that matters most?” Keep the old 80/20 rule in mind and identify the 20% of activities that drive 80% of your results.

Your agency will have insight into what is going to drive the best outcomes—trust that insight.

In addition, if there are so many potential options on the table that prioritization becomes impossible, you’ll need to discuss the scope of your arrangement with your agency. Sometimes getting everything that you want will require increasing the size of your contract. There are no “bad” options here, just natural compromises. Collaborate, decide, and then set realistic deadlines and expect your agency to hit those deadlines.

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4. Transparency

Finally, it’s important to talk about transparency. Most of the time, when people talk about transparency with ad agencies, they focus on the agency.

Yes, you need to work with a transparent agency. But that transparency needs to go both ways.

Honesty is an incredibly valuable commodity in an agency relationship. You will not get where you’re trying to go if you have an account manager who is afraid or reluctant to talk about the hard facts. That means both of you need to be open and honest about what is happening, where the challenges are and what you can do to improve things.

If you find that your main point of contact (POC) never reports on what is NOT working and what they’re doing to fix it, you will never build the deep trust you need to push through the true difficulties. No one bats a thousand, and your agency should feel comfortable discussing both the good and the bad with you without worrying that you’ll suddenly cancel the contract.

Create an environment where you can discuss hard things. Instead of you versus your account manager, ensure that it’s you and your account manager versus the problem. If your main POC shows up to the table with honesty, the fastest way to sink the partnership is to place blame for marketing challenges on the account manager.

Classified Website Development: Cost Analysis

Cost The classified business also is known as a consumer to consumer (C2C) business. C2C is another category of e-commerce platform which allows consumers to behave like both customer and seller. Other e-commerce categories are business to business (B2B), Business to customer (B2C) and customer to business(C2B).

A very good example of C2C business is classified ads in the newspaper.  Where people publish an ad regarding an auction. Some of the famous classified apps like Olx are eBay, Craigslist, Quikr, Letgo, OfferUp and many more.

Cost Analysis

These top classified websites and apps gave the freedom to anyone to sign up and can start buying and selling on the website. C2C business is the best way to circulate the unregulated economy of the country. Unwanted stuff in the house could be useful for someone else and also it brings money with itself. And sometimes used products are available at such a reasonable price that there is no need to spend double the amount for the new product featuring the same qualities.

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Analysis International estimates that the Chinese B2C and C2C online market will reach RMB 2,568 billion ($412 billion) with associated marketing spend of 48.87 billion RMB. Currently, Taobao generates 50,000 sales per minute as China’s biggest C2C mall. There are 242 million online shoppers spending $40,000 per second. 17% of online shoppers account for 47% of sales. There are 5million online shoppers and there are 146 million shoppers using a mobile connection.

Key Features of Classified (C2C) Business

Here is a list of key features below. Have a look.

  • Anyone can list a product or service for sale.
  • Creating a listing is absolutely free.
  • Paid options to enhance your listing.
  • Customers can see product images and other product-related details without registering themselves.
  • The customer can directly contact a seller.
  • The consumer can buy products from multiple merchants.
  • The same client can act as both buyers as well as a seller.
  • Customers can directly contact sellers and do without an intermediary.
  • There is a low transaction cost; a merchant can post their goods over the internet at a low rate far better than the higher price of renting a place in a store.
  • It is always available so that customers can have access to whenever they like to shopping.
  • The classified marketplace will allow a buyer to search products by applying different filters such as; most popular product, bestseller, from your city and many more.
  • Different sellers can bid on the products’ wishlist item listed by the different buyers. What they are looking for is so, that the buyer can get different best prices and offers from sellers.
  • The social media linking features include community or forum discussion and blog or other social media website link interface.
  • The back end interface of classified clone script includes features for admin to manage gallery setting, seller and buyer accounts, payment settings, etc.
  • Customers selling products/services to other customers profit from the higher profitability that results from selling directly to one another.

Risk Involved in Classified Website Development Cost

Online classified websites are easy. Anyone can make an account easily and can start buying and selling right away. Before diving into the world of classified business there is a huge requirement to understand the risks involved in the classified website development cost. Here are some of them. Have a look at them.

  1. Reliability of The Information

In this technological world, there is no surprise if anyone releases their identity because of the virtual network. In e-commerce activity, e-commerce releases information in traditional media. Some people induced customers’ etiquettes in fraudulent activities. That’s why customers doubt the information available on the internet and lose their trust. It results in minimizing the enthusiasm to buy a product or service online.

  1. Trading Safety

There are some problems with property security and information security in the classified business. The problem of property security includes loss caused to a classified business because of various reasons like money stolen, the property is stolen, bank account or card details misused. And the problem of information security includes the risk of leak of any important information, total loss or temper of information such as losing trade information, illegally deleting or forging trade information, stealing trade secrets etc.

  1. Credibility of Subject

There is no boundation of morals and law in the electronic traction process. Sometimes sellers charge money from customers and do not provide services and sometimes unsatisfactory services provided by vendors. There have been opposite situations where buyers got good products or services and used the seller’s honesty. This type of customers execute their plans by changing the name or execute them by remaining anonymous or quit the market.

  1. Credential Stuffing

Stolen credentials like Id and passwords used in the credential stuffing to login into other websites. These bulk credentials are acquired by a massive data breach where the data is either published or sold out. Using the different IP address, bots attempt to login in the websites. Which hacks the company’s secret information, database and payment details.  To block these bots here are some solutions

  • Block all the bots recognised as suspicious bots by default to ensure the quality traffic.
  • Set up partners with a particular user-agent to build an entrance whitelist.
  • Challenge every website visit in opposition to a vast in-memory pattern database.
  • Immediately recognise and block all the suspicious bots through artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.
  • The last result is a complete minimization of credential stuffing attack extent.

  1. Performance of Website

At this time, reliable, fast and efficient user experience is critical for any classified site like Olx clone script. The volume of bad bots has been increasing enormously which badly affects the performance of the website and it also induces the valuable human resources of a business. According to research, the brute force attack bot can reach up to 30,000 in less than 10 minutes. Apart from the account data risk, this type of malicious activity increases the maintenance cost of the website as well as slower the website performance.

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  1. Shill Bidding

Bad bots submit automated bidding in the auction. These bad bots submit the bid at the last possible time to get the lowest price. This process interrupts the process of natural bidding which results in lower revenues for auction houses. Some dishonest sellers use shill bidding bots to increase the price of an item. This process makes it difficult for a user to get a product at a reasonable price. To preserve these auction-based websites, there is a need to detect and block all the shill bidding bots so the auction process will be legitimate.

There are some other threats to classified website development. These are

  • Disclosure of secret data.
  • Passing or demolition of data.
  • Mutation of data.
  • Denial of services.
  • Inaccuracy in software.
  • Repudiation.