Vikas Dubey did wrong, deserved this fate-Richa Dubey

Richa Dubey, the wife of slain gangster Vikas Dubey who was killed in an encounter by the police on Friday morning, said that her husband did wrong and deserved this fate.


“Yes yes yes. Vikas did wrong and he deserved this fate” she said, in an agitated tone when reporters asked her whether Vikas deserved this fate.

She said it when the last rites of her husband were being performed at Bhairoghat in Kanpur. Angry over the reporters, she accused them of being responsible for Dubey’s encounter and asked them to leave the place.

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The last rites were performed by Dubey’s brother-in-law Dinesh Tiwari at the electric crematorium in the presence of his wife and son, Superintendent of Police, Rural, Brijesh Srivastava informed.

A heavy police force was deployed around Bhairoghat.

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Vikas Dubey was killed on Friday morning after being critically injured in an alleged shootout with STF officials. He was shot when he reportedly tried to flee, following a road accident in which the vehicle he was travelling in overturned.

Dubey was taken to the emergency ward of the Hallett Hospital in a blood-soaked condition.

Vikas received a bullet injury on the chest which proved fatal. Two STF personnel were also injured in the encounter.