What is Cortana and how does it help users?

Cortana is personal assistance developed by Microsoft Company created to help the user to set reminders and identify voice control without the need for keywords access and respond quickly with the help of Bing search engine. The Cortana is implemented in multiple languages to assist the user in the conversion. The services are provided with smart voice control with different kind of data like Reminders, Chats, Locations, Weather, Facts, and Finance.


The smart Artificial Intelligence allows applications to catch the updates and news of traffic, and calendar for user meetings, schedule dates and driving time of arrival. The application is set for reminders depends on location so the user can set the reminder to the device to catch any personal or professional things from a store or shopping by sending an alert.

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The Virtual Assistant alliance in the Android Mobile

Cortana Application in the Android helps to provide digital assistance that allows you to remind an engagement or schedule meetings on profession tasks. Similar to Siri, Cortana can communicate with your data presented by you, in order to provide you with particular answers that match your questions.

The user can log their voice so that the intelligence processes on what user speaking, location and all contacts and stores personal information within itself. Cortana can look your emails for data on flights or charges on their access to you. Then, Cortana can automatically protect you up to date with your journey programs. There’s constant discussion of blended support for Apple’s Passbook data, though data like your flight issue or delays won’t turn in real-time.

The main advantage of the Cortana app is user can open and study the latest news, weather report, top headlines and final score of teams that you care about, which user requested to see at any time.  It’s also helpful to become a standalone app due to there’s a complete range to squeeze your perspectives, in case you desire to add to your private sphere, change your low hours or maintain your hints.

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The AI app like Cortana needs expertise developers that they have the capacity to develop an app that allows Natural Languages Processing to identify the multiple languages and respond accordingly and translate text data. The deep learning algorithms implemented in the application performance on the big data for the automated neural network system.

Thus, the Cornota AI app is a unique set of form to provide personal assistance for users with the implementation of custom developed. In extension, these services are becoming for building lightweight applications that provide minimum loads on other platforms due to their capacity to operate in the cloud.

When the user is ready to ask any question regarding finance, news, locations, and facts, it will respond quickly in applications It is most useful and saves a lot of time for browsing the topic on the Internet to look for information that appears.

But there are lots of issues that Cortana can respond quickly, without first transferring you out to the web. Alternatively, you get your results right in Cortana’s applications.

  • Users can track flights and transportation charges with tracking number and identify the fees details.
  • It helps to play the music from your favorite album and holding your phone with an audio source
  • You can track packages or flights by typing or saying the flight number or package tracking number.
  • It helps to capture images of the banner, in any event, and identify the dates of the program schedule and can remind the user to attend the program

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