Future of Android Application Development

Android Application

Smart phone users increased in recent years and the much credit goes to android smartphones. India has the second-largest number of mobile users in the world. Yet 1 billion active phones are in India out of 6 billion in the globe. Smartphones are reaching to half of the total mobile users. With a large number of mobile users the better apps are required. It becomes the reason for the bright future of android application Development Company India.

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Android is an open-source, mobile operating system specially designed for tablets and smartphones. It is developed and deployed by Google. It is license-free OS hence mobile manufacturer and developers has allowed to improve and modify it. Android platform has brought the pioneer technologies in the application development. Recently Google has launched its updated version of an android named jelly bean 4.3 HTC and Samsung smartphones powered by android has ruled the Indian mobile market.

IT companies are considering android application development to cash the popularity of the android. Android is the most using mobile OS in all over the world hence more applications are available and required more.

 Best Android application Development Company has developed applications that have reached to maximum smart phone users.

Each app is developed to reach more and more users and that could be worth them.  In Google play, the android application market has millions of apps and for user’s specific need there is an app available to make easy things.  Before the android the mobile app development industry dominated by the Symbian OS. Now Android is taking a cut-throat competition with Apple’s iPhone.

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The key things that assuring the advancements of android application development are:

  • Ease of Development and Porting
  • Consistent and  Stable  development platform
  • Many sales options i.e. Google play, direct, open forge etc.

In addition to functioning as phone, contact managers, Internet access, gaming applications were one of the favorable reasons for the continuing growing smartphone market. Android is becoming the OS of choice for many gaming enthusiasts. Many application development companies are only working in games app development for that develops inventive games. Android smartphone games are based on features like motion sensors, fast graphics, and accelerometers.