Is ‘international tukde tukde gang’ behind farmers’ protest?

Today’s DNA episode is very important as today, DNA is going to expose the real face behind the farmers’ movement in India, which has been going on for the last 72 days. His name is Monminder Singh Dhaliwal, and he is creating a dangerous conspiracy to break up India under the guise of the farmers’ movement and you can also call him the poster boy of the International Tukde Tukde Gang.

His aim is Khalistan. This means, even if the Government of India, today, withdraws the agricultural laws passed by the Parliament and accept all the demands of the farmers, then also this movement will not end.


Today, even if the Government repeals the agricultural laws, then tomorrow these people will demand the restoration of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Then, they will push for repeal of the citizenship amendments and they can also put forth the demand for the release of the Urban Naxals in the jails. And even if the government agrees to all these demands then too this movement will not end. This movement will not end until Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is removed from the center.

Monminder Singh Dhaliwal┬áis the co-founder of the NGO – Poetic Justice Foundation – the same NGO that prepared a dangerous plan against India on 26 January called Global Day of Action.

It is a Canadian NGO, which was registered on 23 March 2020. And its current status is ‘Active’, which means that this NGO is still fully active and is conspiring Khalistan under the guise of the farmers’ movement.

This NGO has a total of four Directors. The name of the first director is Hardeep Singh Sahota, who lives in a city in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The second director’s name is Monminder Singh Dhaliwal. The third director’s name is Anita Lal. And the name of the fourth director is written as Sabrina Sohi.

We came to know that these people have been propagating against India on their Twitter Handle for the past several days, which shows that these four people are associated with Khalistan and control of the farmers’ movement in India can also be with them.

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Monminder Singh Dhaliwal, who described himself as Khalistani, in his Facebook post written on 27 December 2020, also wrote against Zee News.

A company name comes up again and again in this foreign alliance working against India. The name of this company is Sky Rocket and it is a public relations company. And most importantly, Dhaliwal has described himself as the Director of Strategy of this company on Facebook.

This company also has a picture of a Canadian MP on its official website. And the name of this MP is Jagmeet Singh, whose visa was cancelled by the Government of India in 2013 because then India’s investigative agencies had talked about his connection with Khalistan. And the big thing is that this happened when the Congress had a coalition government in the country and the Prime Minister was Dr Manmohan Singh. Think for once what would have happened if Jagmeet Singh’s visa was canceled today.

Think how big and dangerous this nexus is. And in this, people like Dhaliwal are also seen sharing connections with Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh. Singh is the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada and the Justin Trudeau government there has the support of this party. And the biggest thing is that if Jagmeet Singh’s party withdraws its support, then the government of Justin Trudeau will fall. So this shows how far the reach of Monminder Singh Dhaliwal is in Canada. And perhaps this is the reason that Canada has become the epicenter of Khalistani propaganda against India, from where efforts are being made to control the farmers’ movement.

Another big thing related to this nexus is that America’s famous pop singer Rihanna, who is tweeting in support of farmers’ protests, follows Jagmeet Singh on Instagram.

The total number of Instagram users worldwide is more than 100 crore and Rihanna only follows 1525 people out of these 100 crore users and among them is Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh. Singh in a tweet on 3 February thanked Rihana for supporting the farmers’ movement.

A few days ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supported the ongoing farmers’ protest in India and said that Canada stands in defense of the rights to hold a peaceful demonstration. But when violence erupted in Delhi on 26 January during this movement, Justin Trudeau did not respond nor did he condemn the farmers who did so. Think how these people provoke the people of a country for their own interests.

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While Justin Trudeau has supported the ongoing farmers’ movement in India, on the other hand, Canada has been opposing the subsidy given to Indian farmers in World Trade Organization meetings for years.

Not only this, in July 2019, Canada opposed giving more MSP of rice and wheat to farmers in India and tried to tarnish India’s image in front of the WTO. Think about what farmers in India are most afraid of? That the new farm laws of the government will end the system of minimum support price for crops. Now the question is that if Canada is with the ongoing farmers’ movement in India then why does it oppose India on MSP at WTO?

Now let us tell you about the neighboring country of Canada, America, which gave its first response to the ongoing farmers’ protest in India yesterday and praised the farm laws brought by the Government of India. But this is one side of the response from America. The other side is that the United States, along with supporting agricultural laws, advised India that it should not stop internet services.

We think America forgot the violence in Washington DC on January 6 when supporters of former President Donald Trump attacked Capitol Hill, the parliament there. And to deal with these disturbances, American soldiers had to fire bullets. Five people lost their lives in this violence. But now, recall the violence in Delhi on 26 January, when an attempt was made to hurt the police personnel during the tractor parade. They were showered with stones and sticks. 394 Delhi Police personnel were injured in the violence. But the police did not take action on any farmer. But perhaps, America cannot understand this.

You should also understand what the toolkit, which Sweden’s environmental activist Greta Thunberg probably had mistakenly put on Twitter, means.

Some action points are prepared to start any movement and then to expand its scope. The document in which these action points are entered is called the Toolkit. The toolkit is part of any movement strategy, the presence of which can help in increasing the impact of the movement. In the Toolkit, people are given information about campaign materials, news articles. And they are told how to protest.